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14/6/16: Kingfisher achieves top Accolade SRA 3 Star

07/6/16: Kingfisher Top MSC Award Best MSC UK MENU 2016

12/5/16: Runners up in Plymouth Business Awards 2016

20/1/16: Officially the UK’s No.2 Fish & Chip Shop 2016

20/1/16: Wins ‘Good Catch Award’  Most Sustainable shop 2016

7/10/15: UK top Ten Norway Trip 2015

8/11/15: Kingfisher gets ‘World Record’ 2015

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… we like to  Grow our own wood “We have Apprenticeship Schemes”
Fish Forever...

Save our Oceans

Help look after the world’s seas and oceans by looking out for the blue and white fish-tick ecolabel, just like this one.

You might see it in supermarkets, fishmongers’ shops or on menus.

Call Today to find out more About working at Kingfisher: 01752 335567

Why does the sea need our help?

The world’s oceans are full of fascinating plants and animals that depend on each other to survive. Sadly, the creatures that live in the sea are sometimes put at risk by:

Overfishing, Pollution, Climate change

In some places too many fish are taken out of the sea before they have even had a chance to breed, so we end up with less fish in certain areas. Other animals, like seals, dolphins and other fish might not have enough food to eat. People might have trouble finding the fish they need to eat too.

One thing we can do to help the oceans stay healthy and full of wildlife is to support fisherman who are not catching too many fish, and who take care not to catch other animals in their nets by mistake.

It’s still OK to eat fish. And one way to be sure you are helping to keep the oceans healthy is to ask your parents or school dinner ladies if they can serve fish with the tick. That means the fisherman who caught it are doing a good job and are helping to protect the sea.

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