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14/6/16: Kingfisher achieves top Accolade SRA 3 Star

07/6/16: Kingfisher Top MSC Award Best MSC UK MENU 2016

12/5/16: Runners up in Plymouth Business Awards 2016

20/1/16: Officially the UK’s No.2 Fish & Chip Shop 2016

20/1/16: Wins ‘Good Catch Award’  Most Sustainable shop 2016

7/10/15: UK top Ten Norway Trip 2015

8/11/15: Kingfisher gets ‘World Record’ 2015

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Fish & Chips

Open 5 Days a Week

Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00pm - 2:00pm                                 4:00pm - 9:00pm

Kingfisher Fish & Chips Opening Hours Our Environment…


We aim to reduce our energy consumption by employing energy saving devices and reducing energy use as follows:

We will aim for the highest energy efficiency in our operations, to maintain high levels of awareness of the need for energy efficiency among our staff through training and strategies for promoting energy conservation and Awareness.

Our equipment will be purchased on the basis of its use efficiency and energy efficiency and environmental impact.

We aim for reduction in our energy usage and cost this year.


Fish and chips can be eaten as part of a healthy diet, if eaten in moderation is a wholesome nutritious, and also provide a perfectly nutritious meal which contains less additives than other takeaways.

A portion of Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas contains:

  1. Excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acid.
  2. Vitamin C, vitamins B6 and B12, some iron, zinc and calcium.
  3. Great source of important dietary fibre
  4. Balance your meal with Peas as one of your 5 a day


Manage and reduce our consumption of water and reduce discharges.

We aim to measurably reduce water consumption by encouraging our staff to adopt water efficient measures


Manage and reduce waste created and where possible to reuse and recycle before responsible disposal of surplus materials and use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible                

Separate different recyclable products for responsible disposal where possible.  

Our food waste is separated from general waste in house. This waste is taken  to Langage Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility is comfortably nestled in the beautiful Devon country side just outside Plymouth City. No more than a mile away from Kingfisher Fish & Chips.

Anaerobic digestion is a collection of processes by which natural microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. This method safely processes organic wastes into 'biogas' for energy generation, and also creates a beneficial bio fertiliser.

Our fully sustainable palm oil is recycled through a registered oil waste management company


Integrate principles of environmental sustainability within all Kingfisher Fish & Chips’ policies and practices, specifically to those relating to procurement of goods and services;          

We will promote healthy and sustainable practices in all aspects of our food sourcing, production and service.           

We aim to source goods and services sustainably.

We aim to use resources effectively

Give preference to goods that are reusable or made from recycled materials.               

Avoid or limit wherever practical the use of environmentally-damaging substances, materials and processes       

Sourcing products locally wherever feasible and using Fair Trade products.                        

We will use local suppliers whenever feasible to reduce our carbon footprint. Where non local suppliers are used we will keep deliveries as infrequent as practical and encourage suppliers to use modern fuel efficient vehicles         

Endeavour to use cleaning products methods and equipment that have minimal environmental impact.

We will only use oil only from Sustainable Sources, that all participants in the oil supply chain have obligations to promote good stewardship and protection of the world’s cropland and to respect biodiversity and the environment, by refraining from expanding cropland into sensitive animal habitats and high conservation areas. To be certified ‘Sustainable’ oil must meet social and environmental standards.

That we only use fish that comes from sustainable and well managed fishing grounds, Kingfisher is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Certified and will source fish with MSC certification in line with our Sustainable Seafood Purchasing Policy. (See our Website for details)



We  implement  our  environmental  policy  throughout  our  business  and  make  our  staff  fully  aware  of  this and encourage our staff to reduce their carbon foot print                                                     

We will train our staff in good practices and encourage an ethos for proactive engagement.                

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment through prudent use of materials and other resources. In particular we aim to reduce our energy consumption and waste production by measurable outcomes and encourage these same practices in our business hold its performance accountable to its staff through objective measurements                 

Provide continual education and training for all staff on sustainability issues Relevant to the organisation’s businesses Encourage awareness of environmental issues amongst our workforce.                       

To communicate and encourage our customers to help us



Communicate its environmental policy and strategy and to raise awareness amongst these groups of their own environmental responsibilities and requirement to commit to environmental improvements;                                             

We  are  committed  to  an  on-going  day  to  day  policy  which  will  minimise  our environmental  impact                      

At Kingfisher Fish & Chips we recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for future generations to come. Our goal is simple, all of our activities are centred around the key priorities of reduce, reuse, recycle and redesign with the aim to use less energy Our Environmental Policy



As  a  provider  of  catering  we  undertake  to  ensure  that  our  activities  not  only comply  with  environment all regulations  but  exceed  them  wherever  possible  in every  aspect  of  our  operations                                              

Comply fully and where possible exceed standards set in relevant UK, EU and international regulatory requirements and agreements.



Our Environmental Policy will be reviewed regularly and updated where necessary



We want you to be confident that all our services and products address environmental matters. You can be sure of our commitment to the environment and that we will be constantly aiming to improve our performance 

Our efforts  will  therefore  be  on  going  so  that  new  systems    products  and innovations  are  explored  and Implemented where feasible, reviewed regularly and updated where necessary