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14/6/16: Kingfisher achieves top Accolade SRA 3 Star

07/6/16: Kingfisher Top MSC Award Best MSC UK MENU 2016

12/5/16: Runners up in Plymouth Business Awards 2016

20/1/16: Officially the UK’s No.2 Fish & Chip Shop 2016

20/1/16: Wins ‘Good Catch Award’  Most Sustainable shop 2016

7/10/15: UK top Ten Norway Trip 2015

8/11/15: Kingfisher gets ‘World Record’ 2015

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At Kingfisher we have made the commitment to only use sustainable and responsibly sourced fish.

Our cod and haddock come from the cold icy waters of the North Atlantic, mainly around Iceland and Norway. Where the fishing areas are carefully monitored and managed by fishermen and scientists to ensure sustainability.

It is our aim to ensure we do our bit to look after the fish stocks of the future.

We will always seek to purchase fish from well managed fishing boats who follow the same values as us.

Our promise is: if it isn't fully sustainable it wont be on our menu.

As a result of our strong beliefs we have ceased to purchase and therefore sell cod roe. We believe they are the fish of the future and should be allowed to hatch and replenish the oceans


Our Cod & Haddock are from the crystal clear waters of the North East Atlantic.

You can rest assured that the Cod & Haddock is the real deal, of exceptional quality and sustainably caught form abundant stocks.  


As fish lovers it is our duty to look after tomorrow’s fish, today..

  1. We source responsibly and only choose sustainable seafood.
  2. 12 of our seafood are MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Cetified.
  3. We use the Seafish RASS (Risk Assessment for Sustainable Sourcing and MCS (Marine Conservation Data to ensure we make the right decisions for the preservation of our oceans.
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