Our food

Our fish and chips are prepared in-store every morning to ensure the freshest food. We use the best-quality British potatoes and fully sustainable fish. We fry our fish in our own custom-blend batter in high oleic sunflower oil, which has a healthier fat composition than other oils. 

Our menu

We are proud to have a menu that caters for everyone. As well as our amazing fish and chips, we serve smash burgers and an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu.

We source primarily West-country beef, which we grind in-store to ensure only prime cuts of chuck steak are used to give you the perfect smash burger. Our buttermilk chicken burgers are freshly made in-store: the chicken breasts are marinated overnight in buttermilk and dredged in our seasoned flour before being fried in high oleic sunflower oil.

We try to support local businesses where possible, so we are delighted to have Devon’s Surfing Cow ice cream on our menu. The artisan gelato is made with milk from the family-run South Battisborough Farm’s 400-strong heard of Jersey-cross cows that graze the South Devon coast. Why not try some with our battered Oreos? A match made in heaven.